Yoga: How to Safely Enjoy the Body and Mind Benefits

Yoga is a gentle way to care for both body and mind. In fact, the word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit “yuji” which means to unify the mind and body. People often think of yoga in terms of wellness and meditation. What people don’t always realize is how effective yoga can be as a whole-body workout that can be done by anyone.

Safety First

The practice of yoga is an excellent way for older adults to gain or maintain their fitness without putting undue stress and strain on the body. It is a low impact activity that involves flexibility, stretching, balance, strength-building, mindfulness, and more. However, yoga is not absolute in any movements. Rather, individuals are encouraged to respect their body and customize their yoga practice to the level that is right for them. It can be as rigorous or mild as you want it to be.

How to Get Involved

Older participants that are interested in trying yoga may look for a class geared for beginners. In particular, they may want to attend a Seniors Yoga or a Gentle Yoga class. The instructors who teach these classes are certified in yoga therapy. Their training requires at least 200 hours of practice and coursework. Good instructors will provide individualized advice, teaching correct form for the various poses. The best instructors will be attentive and interested in helping their class participants to improve.

Benefits of Yoga

Any exercise is better than none, provided it does not cause injury. Therein lies one of the great benefits of yoga. It provides a gentle way to move your body, but without the physical strain and stress that some exercise programs do. Done regularly, yoga as exercise lowers the risk of chronic disease and premature death by 30-40%. It increases flexibility, promotes healthy bones, sharpens the mind through meditation, and can even help to ease symptoms of menopause.

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