Serving San Diego

Windward Life Care® was founded in 2004 to bring the best possible care management and home care experience to San Diego’s aging population. We are proud of our growth since 2004 and, most importantly, the ways in which we have touched the lives of hundreds of our clients and their families during this time.

Drawing on our many years of experience in geriatric care management, in-home care, medical social work, and business development, we have built an agency that offers clients the highest degree of professional service and expertise available to older and disabled adults in San Diego.

As leaders in the Aging Life Care Association®, we have developed Windward Life Care into a recognized innovator in the methods and techniques for helping people age well. We have also both had the experience of being family caregivers and have a deep respect for those in this role. We understand the importance of giving family caregivers the tools to care for their loved ones competently, while also remaining healthy and whole themselves.

We are particularly proud of our Aging Life Care Managers’ and home care aides’ skills in managing the many difficult caregiving issues associated with dementia, other chronic physical and mental health conditions, and end-of-life care. We also facilitate quality family communication, advise on the many caregiving options available (not just our own), help mediate disputes, and provide expert referrals as necessary. We also look at client and family strengths, knowing that coping strategies and skills that have worked in the past can also serve our clients going forward.

And of course, part of providing a wide range of high-touch, long-term care services is the ability to make a trained professional available on a moment’s notice when your, or your family’s, needs are urgent.

We look forward to serving and supporting you on your journey of aging well.

Norman Hannay, President, Windward Life Care

Norman Hannay, MPS, CMC