Denise Callas, Windward Life Care, Care Manager

Denise has over 15 years of experience in nursing, including in medical surgical, rehabilitation, orthopedic, and cardiac care settings. In these roles, Denise also served as an adjunct clinical instructor for RN students, monitoring clinical care, care planning, and post-clinical discussions. Since 2011, Denise has worked in the area of home care and geriatric care management, utilizing her skills in clinical care, dietetics, assessment, and quality assurance for the benefit of clients, family members, fiduciaries, and conservators. Denise received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix, Woodland Hills.

“ Aging Life Care Management is a holistic approach to caring for people by understanding all aspects of a person to promote the best quality of life. I am able to incorporate my clinical and communication skills to assist our  clients  to live their best lives by promoting independence and advocating for them during times of stress and change. When working with clients, I assess  their  needs in advance of a problem developing, which reduces stress and chaos for the older or disabled person and their family members. It is very gratifying when I  can help a client thrive in  his or her ‘golden years’ through the support of  a caring team, and provide family members the comfort of knowing their loved one is safe and happy.”

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