Short-Term Problem Solving

If ongoing services are not needed, our Aging Life Care Managers are available to work with clients, families, and professionals on a short-term basis for assessment, care planning, and immediate problem solving. We provide clients with an estimate and agree upon goals upfront, helping them to manage costs and ensure their immediate needs are met.

“Windward helped counsel us on the best care options in San Diego for our 75-year-old aunt with many health issues. They were very professional, caring, and helpful. They went above and beyond helping us understand and navigate our way through the whole process. My aunt has improved her health and is now maintaining her independence. Windward Life Care helped us take the best route to get her there.” – H.H.

Windward Life Care offers the following short-term consultation services:

Hospital Discharge Assistance

Our Aging Life Care Managers are experts in health care systems and can help clients discharge safely to home or assisted living facilities following hospitalization. They can advocate for the client in the hospital; coordinate with nursing home, home health, or hospice providers; and set up and stabilize in-home care and home safety conditions. The care manager’s goal is to optimize the environment for recovery, increase quality of life, and prevent future hospitalization.

Help with Housing Decisions

Moving to a long-term care setting such as an assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing facility is a major decision. There are many choices out there, and many families and professionals don’t know what level of care is appropriate. With just a brief assessment, our Aging Life Care Managers can provide you with three to four options that are right for your budget, care needs, and preferences, saving you time and money.

“The Care Manager took on quite a job with my mother’s reluctance to move to assisted care. She managed it beautifully. ” – L.H.

Resolving Legal Situations

In certain legal situations, it is important to have an objective, third-party, expert opinion to help resolve a conflict. Windward’s Aging Life Care Managers can perform an assessment and provide a report addressing the issues of most concern to the parties involved, all with the goal of ensuring the well-being of the client. Our care managers are also trained in elder advocacy and in recognizing and protecting against various forms of elder abuse.

Caring for Clients with Dementia

Our care managers can educate family caregivers around a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, help them set up appropriate care, and ensure the home environment is safe. Care managers also provide educational materials, activity recommendations, links to community resources, and short-term coaching around communication and managing challenging behaviors.

“We Just Need a Road Map!”

Sometimes a robust support system is in place, or there are financial constraints around an ongoing care management relationship. In these cases, an Aging Life Care Manager can do a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current situation and needs and provide a “road map” of recommendations for the client and family to put into action, both in the short and long terms. Alternatively, our Passport to Wellness program may be the perfect level of support for those just starting out on their journey to aging well.