It’s never too early to start building the infrastructure to healthy aging—one that maintains independence and gives loved ones peace of mind. Through Windward Life Care’s Passport to Wellness membership program, our Aging Life Care Managers® help older adults create a safety net and support system centered on proactive wellness planning and preventive measures.

Your Safety Net

Many older or disabled adults have a limited support network or do not want to burden family members or friends with their care. In setting up a Passport to Wellness membership with Windward Life Care, clients can take control of their future and rest assured that they will have a trained Aging Life Care Professional® on their side in the event of a change in health status or other emergency. Windward’s Aging Life Care Managers are experts in aging well, so clients know they are in good hands.

Who Can Benefit from the Passport Program?

  • Older adults with limited support systems
  • Couples who want to ensure each other has the support they need in the event of one person’s serious illness or incapacity
  • Clients who want to plan ahead and have peace of mind
  • Individuals who don’t want a lot of care now, but anticipate they made need help in the future
  • Adult children who live at a distance and worry about their aging parents’ well-being
  • Parents who are the primary caregivers for their adult children with special needs and who want a safety net in place for them

Your Personalized Health Dossier

Passport to Wellness members receive a personalized Health Dossier. Their care manager gathers their vital information in one place, including critical legal and medical documents, home maintenance information, important phone numbers, and instructions for emergency responders. This information is ready and accessible to the client’s legal decision-makers in the event of illness or incapacity, creating a seamless safety net.

Passport to Wellness Program Features

  • Introductory meeting with a care manager to discuss your goals and path to healthy aging
  • A personalized Health Dossier to have on hand in your home
  • Aging Life Care Manager phone check-in at six months
  • Wallet membership card with emergency information
  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter on aging well
  • Invitation to an annual, professional speaker symposium on healthy aging
  • Annual in-person visit at your home or the Windward Life Care office to discuss any changes in your situation and progress toward your goals

Client information is entered into the Windward database, enabling the Aging Life Care Manager and other staff to respond quickly in the event of a hospitalization or other emergency.

In the event more care is needed, ongoing Aging Life Care Management services can be provided, including:

  • Healthcare advocacy during emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and procedures
  • Regular home visits with your care manager and phone/email communications
  • Selection and oversight of in-home caregivers to help with everyday activities
  • Help with arranging medical appointments and assistance in locating medical specialists
  • Coordination of supportive services, such as home-delivered meals, transportation, and personal emergency response systems