Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Windward Life Care different from other companies?

    Windward Life Care uses an integrated model of care, where a professional Aging Life Care Manager (geriatric care manager) supervises and works closely with Home Care Aides. The Windward team develops a customized care plan that evolves with the client’s situation, and all team members are in regular communication as client needs change. Our goal is to improve overall quality of life by helping clients to not only live comfortably, but to thrive while aging. Also, in case of an emergency, the Care Manager can lead the team in advocating for the client’s interests. Windward has an interdisciplinary team of Care Managers who bring years of experience to their work and observe the code of ethics and standards of practice of the Aging Life Care Association™.

  • Why the name “Windward Life Care”?

    According to an old sailing adage, “While you can do little about the direction of the wind, you can adjust your sails to take best advantage of the wind that exists.” In other words, the “windward” sails are set to take the best advantage of the current situation. This is how we approach the care of our clients, emphasizing their strengths and enabling them to chart their course toward a vital and fulfilling future.

  • What is the process for getting started with services?

    We offer a free phone consultation to review your, your loved one’s, and your family’s needs. Once you determine that you want to proceed, an assessment meeting with an Aging Life Care Manager is set to create a personalized plan of care. This may involve ongoing care management only or the addition of home care services. The client and family review the proposed plan and costs to determine the services they wish to authorize. The Care Manager then becomes the family’s main point of contact for updates and progress on the plan.

  • What is a Care Manager?

    An Aging Life Care Manager, Geriatric Care Manager, or Aging Life Care Professional™ is someone with expertise in older and/or disabled adults and specialized knowledge of the health care and long-term care systems. Care Managers are hired by older adults, families, or professionals to provide consultation, guidance, and support. With backgrounds in nursing, social work, dementia care, elder advocacy, and counseling, our Care Managers are skilled in meeting the needs of clients, aging parents, or loved ones, matching them with the necessary resources. Our Aging Life Care Managers are members of the Aging Life Care Association, the association that certifies this profession, ensuring proper training and expertise of its members.

  • What type of care do I need?

    We offer a range of services to suit every client’s needs, from initial aging-well consulting and planning to around-the-clock, in-home care. An Aging Life Care Manager meets with new clients to assess their goals and needs and develop a Plan of Care tailored to each client’s situation. Our Life Skills Trainer can help clients achieve greater independence in handling everyday tasks and communications, getting to appointments, and finding resources and activities in the community. The services of a Home Care Aide would be advised for clients who need regular assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, transferring, and grooming, as well as other tasks such as cooking, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and social engagement.

  • What kind of caregiver situations do you work with?

    In addition to having our own Home Care Aide employees, we collaborate with family caregivers, private duty caregivers, and caregivers from other agencies.

  • What does “aging well” mean?

    At Windward Life Care, aging well means living life on your terms, given the natural challenges of aging. It means supporting your choices in how and where you live, and helping you have as much quality of life and longevity as possible. It also means being proactive about your health and mental health so you can continue to enjoy the activities that inspire you. We work with our clients in six key areas of aging well  to accomplish these goals.

  • What happens in the event of an emergency?

    An Aging Life Care Manager is available to you by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of a health or mental health crisis. During regular business hours, you can call your Care Manager’s cell phone or the main office number: (619) 450-4300. After hours and on weekends and holidays, you can reach the On-Call Care Manager at (858) 692-3535. We do not have an off-site or remote call center. Our On-Call Care Manager is a master’s level social worker and Windward employee who can accompany clients to the emergency department or address other emergent situations quickly and efficiently.

  • Is Windward Life Care licensed and bonded?

    Our clients’ well-being is our utmost priority. We take several steps to ensure the safety and security of our clients and their property. Beginning in 2016, the State of California requires that all home care companies be licensed, and Windward Life Care is licensed with the Home Care Service Bureau. We are also certified members of the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), the state association whose certification includes additional criteria for hiring and employing professional caregivers. We hold general and professional liability insurance and bond insurance, and our Aging Life Care Managers make regular home visits to monitor the activity in our clients’ homes. These are only a few ways that we ensure quality and safety and provide our clients the assurance that they are working with experienced professionals.

  • What steps does Windward Life Care take to prevent elder abuse or neglect?

    We take precautions in our hiring process to screen out employees who have criminal histories. All our staff are mandated reporters of elder abuse and neglect under California law and receive regular training to identify and report any form of elder abuse. We specialize in elder advocacy and partner with our clients, their families, and involved professionals to ensure client safety.

  • What if care management is more than I need right now, is there some other way to get started?

    For those clients who need just need some “standby” assurance right now, we offer our Passport to Wellness Program. Your annual membership fee allows you to establish a relationship with an Aging Life Care Manager on our team who will be ready and available to assist you in the event of a crisis. Among the benefits of membership is a printed Health Dossier – a folio of important information on maintaining wellness, as well as a personalized collection of the important information that your legal decision-makers would need in order to assist you in an emergency. Membership in the Passport Program is for 12 months.

  • What do Windward Life Care clients and families say?

    “Caring staff. Everyone was very helpful and allowed us to keep my dad living independently for a few extra months. The care manager was extremely responsive and supportive of changing needs” – E.B.

    “Our care manager is amazing. She has helped my parents and our family through many difficult challenges. She is always professional, available, efficient, kind, and organized. Super care manager!” – Anonymous

    “My mother is an extremely difficult person with the beginning stages of dementia. I live 3,000 miles away. Windward Life Care has been a Godsend. I have much more peace of mind now than before Windward.” – M.T.

    “Our Aging Life Care™ Manager has been a tremendous asset to our agency, acting as our eyes and ears for a challenging case that is located 2 states away from us!  She communicates well, and her reporting is thorough. Thank you.” – S.A.

    “We have been most pleased with the services provided by Windward Life Care. We not only have a Care Health Manager but a companion care gal as well, both provided by Windward. I moved out of state and the rest of my family are many miles away, so having some personal attention to our 97 yr old aunt was imperative! They have been responsive to our requests and have gone above and beyond the call of duty in some instances. We couldn’t be more pleased with the personnel assigned to overseeing our Aunt and feel most comfortable that she is getting the attention she needs. I would highly recommend this company.” – L.R.

    “The caregivers show tremendous care for my mother and respond extremely well in emergencies, as do our Care Manager and the nighttime Care Manager.” – Anonymous

    “A Wonderful Group of Caring People. I would recommend to everyone I know.” – D.C.

    “Twenty-four-hour care changes a lot of things, but I really appreciate that you are able to staff such good people into my Mom’s home.” – T.K.

    “Thank you for all of the support, professionalism, information and guidance. I don’t know how I would have done it without you all! Our Care Manager was fantastic and knowledgeable. I never felt rushed and could sense her caring, compassionate spirit.” – R.O

    “The Care Manager went above and beyond in her care of my mother and me for four years. She gave expert help at doctor appointments before I moved down to care for my mother. She helped us with each transition in my mother’s final year. She was a logistical, medical and moral support to both of us.” – E.S.

    “Care Manager and Home Care Aide have been terrific and have provided much relief to me in a difficult situation with my parents.” -Anonymous

    “Our Care Manager is superb in all respects! The On-Call Manager is also most helpful and professional.” – R. A.

    “I am so grateful to have your company helping my mom.” – Anonymous

    “How you managed to do it so well is a testament to your professionalism, intelligence, and compassion.” – Family of P. S.

Windward Life Care FAQ

Windward Life Care FAQ

Windward Life Care FAQ