Home Care Aides

We offer personalized in-home caregiver assistance to help clients remain safely at home and improve their quality of life. We also assist adult children with caring for aging parents. Our highly trained professional home care aides are screened and employed directly by Windward Life Care and are carefully matched with each individual client.

As part of our integrated model of care, home care aides work closely with our Aging Life Care Managers to not only ensure the highest quality of care, but to enhance quality of life. Whether this is the first time you are seeking home care assistance, or you want to make changes to your current arrangements, we are here to help.

“Our care manager is wonderful, helpful and a joy to work with. Our home care aide is perfect – just as our care manager predicted. And, another great call by our care manager — my wife’s session with Dr. Samadi was most helpful.” – B. W.

Life Skills Trainer

Some clients coping with ongoing cognitive difficulties, substance misuse, and/ or mental health challenges benefit from the services of a Life Skills Trainer. From help with managing a daily budget, to navigating transportation systems, to engaging in a new activity or hobby, a Life Skills Trainer enables clients with cognitive, physical, and/or mental health conditions to achieve greater independence in their daily activities.

Working under the supervision of an Aging Life Care Manager, the Life Skills Trainer visits the client weekly, multiple times each week, or as often as needed to assist the client in reaching their health and wellness goals, maintaining their social calendar or building new connections, providing transportation to appointments and activities, and managing a budget and correspondences. Each Life Skills Trainer adheres to the Plan of Care created by the Aging Life Care Manager in conjunction with the client and/or responsible party. Our Aging Life Care Managers match the Life Skills Trainer with the appropriate skills to benefit each client.

“The life skills trainer is providing a breadth of experience my brother hasn’t had before. The way he has integrated the physical, the mental and the practical into everyday life is holistically elegant – truly one of those instances where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You are all terrific!”   – M.B.

We Personally Ensure Our Home Care Aide Qualifications

Client safety and well-being are our highest priority. Our home care aide and Life Skills Trainer applicants are required to have prior experience caring for older or disabled adults, and they go through a rigorous interview process and multiple background checks to confirm employment history, safe driving records, and auto insurance coverage. In addition, Life Skills Trainers have advanced training, education, and experience in the areas of social services, nursing, education, substance abuse counseling, or a related field. As a licensed home care organization under the California Home Care Services Bureau, and as a certified member of the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), Windward Life Care adheres to strict requirements for the protection of our clients.

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