Our Professional Expertise

Windward Life Care’s interdisciplinary team of Aging Life Care Managers have certification and professional training in a number of areas related to healthy aging, including nursing, geriatric care management, social work, and counseling psychology.

Clients facing various health and mental health challenges, including Alzheimer’s, other dementias, and Parkinson’s disease, greatly benefit from our combined staff’s expertise and integrated model of care. In addition, our Home Care Aides undergo training in these areas and work under the close supervision of the Aging Life Care Managers to follow each client’s individualized plan of care.

Clients can count on Windward Life Care staff for their professional expertise in the following areas:


Our Aging Life Care Managers assist clients and families in obtaining an accurate diagnosis. They also help family caregivers develop the skills to assist their loved ones as their illness progresses, providing coaching and counseling as needs change. Family members and professional caregivers are trained in the behavioral management of agitation, and care managers refer to other geriatric specialists as needed. Purposeful activity engagement is a core foundation of the care planning we do for clients with memory loss.

Fall Prevention

Our care managers conduct a comprehensive home safety assessment and make home modifications as needed to protect clients at risk for falling. We also refer clients to specialists who can help with gait, balance, and endurance, and train caregivers to appropriately assist clients when they are walking and transferring.


Our Aging Life Care Managers recommend palliative care or hospice services as appropriate and collaborate with those services’ teams to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We provide hourly caregiver shifts to support family caregivers who need respite. All Windward home care aides are trained on the client’s unique needs at the end of life and how to support family members who are grieving.


Windward Life Care’s professional staff is well equipped to help clients cope with longstanding mental health concerns, substance misuse, and the emotional challenges related to chronic illness or disability. Our care managers foster independence whenever possible, while providing the supports necessary to enhance clients’ quality of life. With our client’s consent, we collaborate with others who are part of our clients’ teams, including family members, psychotherapists, physicians, sobriety coaches, and other supports. 


Our Aging Life Care Managers have expertise in assisting clients with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and other chronic cardiac conditions. They can help clients maintain their specialized diets, keep scheduled physician and lab appointments, and take their medications as prescribed. 


Windward Life Care provides care management services for adults with special needs, such as autism and Down syndrome, giving these individuals and their family caregivers the peace of mind that they have a support system in place. Our care managers help clients achieve a greater degree of independence, while enabling family caregivers to travel, engage in their own hobbies, and plan for the future knowing that their loved one’s needs will be met.