What is My Role as Medical Power of Attorney, and When is it Invoked?

If a family member has granted you medical power of attorney, it means that you hold the responsibility for making the decisions regarding the health and care of that person. With serious health concerns, including dementia, a patient can reach a point where they are incapable of these decisions, which is why the patient should designate a trusted person to assist.Medical Power of Attorney

Legal Authorization: Medical Power of Attorney

It is recommended that every person should select a medical power of attorney. This process is more than asking for someone’s help in case something happens in the future. A legal document needs to be completed, authorizing a person you trust to handle medical decisions on your behalf.

This is invoked when the doctor determines that the patient is incapable of making these decisions. For example, a medical power of attorney is needed if the patient is in a coma or cannot communicate their desires.

Responsibilities of Medical Power of Attorney

Have you been appointed with power of attorney for someone you love? This legal authorization gives you both authority and responsibility to oversee the care of the individual. Your legal responsibility should be carrying out the requests and instructions as listed in the document created by the patient.

This document is designed with specific information regarding the type of care the patient desires. Certain medical situations will be outlined, and any decisions you make should be aligned with the person’s wishes. As a person with this, it is essential that you prioritize the patient’s requests over your own preferences. For example, if the patient specified that they do not want to receive blood transfusions, you would need to make sure that healthcare providers were aware of this directive and that they follow it (even if the treatment is something that you would choose for yourself).

It is very important that these details are discussed with the person before they are incapable of communicating their wishes, and that you feel you can carry out the person’s wishes if called upon. If you need assistance in designating medical power of attorney or other aspects of future planning, then our team at Windward Life Care can help you find the right resources. We provide personalized support tailored to meet your specific needs.