Windward Life Care client Dorie Radichel knows how to grab life by the horns.

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This 86-year-young great grandmother of four was recently asked to name an activity she always wanted to try. When her surprise answer was zip lining, Burnell Jackson, the Vibrant Life Coordinator at Villa Bonita where Dorie lives, started her on a fitness plan to help make Dorie’s dream a reality.

Dorie’s inspiring story is just one example of how Aging Life Care™ Managers at Windward Life Care support their clients to not just live, but thrive in their golden years. Taking a holistic and customized approach to care, the Windward team encourages clients to find purposeful activities that emphasize their unique strengths and interests.

To get Dorie ready for her big adventure, Burnell developed a stamina training regimen so Dorie would be able to ascend the two flights of stairs to the zipline platform. She was game! Dorie walked and climbed stairs daily until she reached her goal. A trip to the La Jolla Zip Zoom Ziplines in Pauma Valley was then arranged.

La Jolla Zip Zoom boasts the longest zipline course in Southern California. In some sections, zippers can travel up to 55 miles per hour. And Dorie had a blast! With the harness keeping her safely tethered to the zipline, she enjoyed the long ride and spectacular views of the Pauma Valley, Palomar Mountain, and the San Luis Rey River. You can see Dorie on the zipline at a video posted on Villa Bonita’s website.

So what’s next on Dorie’s adventure list? “Burnell has told me about an indoor sky diving place. You can free fall at over 11,000 feet. That sounds interesting,” Dorie quipped. Stay tuned!

Elder Care Guides is now Windward Life Care!

The owners and team at Windward Life Care announced their company’s new name, Windward Life Care in March of 2016. Our new name reflects both our clients’ and industry’s increased focus on aging well, proactive wellness planning and prevention. Windward will carry on the same high quality care management and caregiver services for years to come.

A sailing term, “windward” refers to the quarter from which the wind blows. “Getting to windward” means being in a position of advantage. The windward vessel is considered to be the more maneuverable vessel.

If we take the metaphor a bit further, we see our clients as charting their own course, navigating their way toward a stronger and more vital older adulthood, and exploring the vast opportunities that await them in retirement and beyond.

Of course, on most journeys, one encounters obstacles. We help our clients anticipate these, adapt as the winds change, and make informed choices about which direction to go. The focus remains on the journey and how to continue on with the best quality of life possible.


Elder Care Guides Family – Now Windward Life Care!

On June 24, 2014, San Diego lost one of its visionary elder care professionals, Hilde M. Lehmann, MSW, MPH. The President of Senior Care Management Inc., Hilde founded her company in 1996 and was a respected colleague and a treasured friend. Her loss is felt deeply by many, including all of us at Elder Care Guides.

Following her untimely death, the leadership of Senior Care Management made the decision to join together with Elder Care Guides in order to maintain the extraordinarily high level of service they had worked so many years to provide to their clients, families, and San Diego’s professional community. While we are saddened by the reasons behind the acquisition, we are honored to carry on Senior Care Management’s long tradition of ethics and high standards of service.

“I am honored to carry Hilde’s memory forward with this exceptional company, and am proud to be joining this incredible group of professionals.” -Betsy Evatt, LCSW, CMC
“I am honored to carry Hilde’s memory forward with this exceptional company, and am proud to be joining this incredible group of professionals.”
-Betsy Evatt, LCSW, CMC

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