It is estimated that approximately one million people in the Unites States have Parkinson’s Disease, and researchers are working hard to understand more about the cause and cure for this disease. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, then it is essential to consider how daily habits may be altered over time.

Though there is not a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, there are methods that can be used to manage the symptoms so the person who is affected  can maintain his or her independence as much as possible.

Tips for Independence at Home

Many people want to live in their home as long as possible. If this is your goal, then you might consider these tools and resources that can be used to maintain independence in your home:

  • Assistive Devices: As the physical challenges arise, assistive devices might be needed. These items can be as simple as safety bars installed in the bathroom. Or, there are high-tech options such as computers that can be used to manage appliances in the home.
  • Service Dogs: Some people with Parkinsons’ benefit from an animal companion. Service dogs can help with mood management, as well as performing small tasks around the house, such as picking up items that have fallen on the floor.
  • Leaving the House: Connecting with other people is important for physical and emotional well-being. Though driving ability may deteriorate over time, this doesn’t mean you have to stay home. There is special public transportation available to individuals with disabilities, in addition to non-profit and for-profit ride-sharing options.

Working with Your Doctor

One of the best things that you can do is work with your doctor to ensure you are accessing the medications and other therapies that will most benefit you. There are certain medications that can be used in conjunction with exercise routines to improve physical capabilities. Your doctor might recommend activities such as walking, yoga, swimming, boxing, dancing, cycling, and more.

The most important thing is that you find a plan that works best for your individual needs. At Windward Life Care, we offer the support that you need, helping you to find resources that can support your health and lifestyle. Contact us right away to learn more about the services that are available for you.

We live in an amazing time that gives us access to modern medical treatments for most health problems that occur. It is common for individuals to rely on medications to manage chronic conditions as they get older. Do you find that it is necessary to use prescriptions to address the symptoms that you are experiencing?

Unique Medication Considerations for Older Adults

An aging adult can run into problems when they are working with different doctors and taking multiple medications. These drugs might be fine on their own, but the combinations might lead to serious side effects. This situation is so common that there is now a term used when multiple medications are prescribed for a patient: polypharmacy.

Just because a person is on multiple medications doesn’t necessarily mean that a problem will occur. But, there are situations where negative outcomes are a possibility. It is best to be proactive to avoid these issues, which is why you should consider the benefits of working with a Senior Care Pharmacist.

What is a Senior Care Pharmacist?

A Senior Care Pharmacist is a trained healthcare professional responsible for managing medications and lifestyle habits for seniors. This person maintains the interests of the patient above all other things and takes responsibility for finding the right medical treatment.

Through an evaluation known as Medication Therapy Management (MTM), a patient can learn more about the medications that are safe, the most appropriate, and the most effective. A Senior Care Pharmacist puts together a medication plan and ensures that these drugs are used correctly.

Benefits of Working with a Senior Care Pharmacist

If you want to avoid the potential negative reactions that can occur when multiple medications are used, then you should consider the benefits of working with a Senior Care Pharmacist. His or her evaluation will give you more information about the medications and help you put together an effective treatment plan for the future.

Here at Windward Life Care, we are always working to improve your access to health resources. Our clients can benefit from the services of a Senior Care Pharmacist through our partnership with UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy. Contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of the options that are available.

Lifestyle needs change as a person ages, and some individuals find it difficult to meet their personal long-term care needs without the help of a professional. An Aging Life Care Manager can offer assistance to help with a variety of services to help with comfort and happiness in the later years of life.

Working through the Challenges of Aging

The experience of aging brings about a variety of both expected and unexpected challenges. Changes and adjustments need to be made to accommodate these challenges. Many times, the changes need to be catered to each person’s individual situation, depending on their health and circumstances.

An Aging Life Care Manager specializes in services that make it easier to overcome these challenges. These services can be adjusted to match an individual’s needs. If you need assistance with anything relating to care or in-home services, consider talking to an Aging Life Care Manager™ for more information.

How Can an Aging Life Care Manager Help?

An Aging Life Care™ professional can help with the assessment of an individual’s life situation to identify current or potential problems. Proper care is then able to be planned to provide a comfortable and fulfilling life. Through the right assessment and planning, it is possible to identify eligibility for assistance and specific in-home help that can be used to improve the quality of living.

Most care managers have a background in a related field, such as social work or nursing. As you are looking for a care manager, consider the benefits of choosing someone who is certified, and you can checking the Aging Life Care Association™ (ALCA) website at

These services are more than just finding a place for an aging adult to live. Instead, this process is focused on the goals of each, to emphasize strengths and foster a sense of purpose through the remaining years of their life. Some of the services might include:

  • Healthcare advocacy
  • Attending and coordinating physician appointments
  • Assessing home safety
  • Helping with the management of dementia-related symptoms

You can view more information about the services of an Aging Life Care Manager™ on the ALCA website.

Financial, Legal, and Medical Help

Even though an Aging Life Care Manager doesn’t offer financial or medical advice, the manager can oversee care and treatments by referring an individual to the right professionals for help in specific areas. The manager works as a liaison during major life transitions, such as moving to a care facility or setting up in-home care.

Here at Windward Life Care, we want to help you establish a plan that addresses your specific needs. Our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can rest assured that we are always here to help when you need it the most. Contact us for more information about the benefits of working with an Aging Life Care Manager.