If someone asked, would you be able to sum up your life purpose in 30 seconds? Researchers have published findings that show how a sense of purpose may be helpful to improve longevity. Regardless of a person’s age, having a direction and setting goals can be an effective way to love longer.

The Connection between Emotions and Longevity

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center studied data from more than 6000 participants. Certain psychological variables were measured to determine the individual’s experience of both negative and positive emotions. 14 years later, follow-up research found that about 9% of the participants had passed away.

The people who had died were those who reported fewer positive relationships and lower life purpose compared with the participants who were still alive. When the numbers were analyzed, it showed a correlation in purposeful living and longevity.

How to Find Purpose in Life

If you don’t feel like you have a strong purpose in life, then you should follow these self-awareness tips to get started:

  • Evaluate Personal Thoughts and Desires: Pick up a notepad and a pen, and spend time writing about your principles, ideals, abilities, strengths, and talents. Spend at least 20 or 30 minutes doing this writing exercise. You will be able to read through the notes and find the points that trigger a strong emotional reaction.
  • Use Your Skills: Identify one or two skills that you enjoy and find a way to use those skills in your life. For example, if you enjoy animals, then you can volunteer at the local shelter or set up a dog walking group with friends or family.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships: Having a close family member of friend can be beneficial to give you a listening ear. Find someone who has a strong sense of purpose in their life. Talk with them about your goals and ask for feedback.

Finding Support

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