Staying Safe During the Holidays: Avoiding Scammers and Hackers

A scam or fraud can quickly overshadow the fun holiday memories that you are trying to create with your family. Unfortunately, scammers are more prevalent during this time of year because they know people are in a giving mindset and spending more money. A holiday scam could be as small as a package theft from the doorstep, or something bigger like a fake charity request.

You need to know the dangers if you are going to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from holiday scams. Here are a few common scams that pop up during this time of year:

  • Online Shopping Scams: Online shopping is growing every year. If you love the convenience of shopping at home, then watch out for unsecured websites, phishing emails, cloned websites, false order confirmations, and bogus shipping notices. It is best to have a strong security program on your computer to prevent against malware and viruses.
  • Porch Pirates: As online shopping has increased in popularity, the boxes on the porch are perfect pickings for doorstep thieves. Minimize the likelihood that your package will be one of the thousands that are stolen during this time of year by having the package delivered to someone who will be home during the day. Other options include using a “Ship to Store” service or requiring a signature confirmation on delivery.
  • Gift Card Scams: A false income-earning opportunity could appear in the form of a gift card scam. For example, the scammers will send a check for a certain amount and ask you to purchase gift cards in return. The problem occurs when the check bounces, and you have no way to recover the money. If it seems too good to be true, then stay away!
  • Scams Targeting Older Adults: Aging adults tend to fall victim to online scams more often, due to declining cognition, lack of knowledge about the internet, or being lonely and eager to connect with someone. Scammers often target retirees because they have money and can be more trusting. Educate family and friends about the potential dangers.

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