Our Reviews

Mischa H.
The services offered by Windward are extraordinary in every way. They totally reversed the declining health of my cousin who was being looked after by an…
Diane J.
Windward was the best. They provided us with excellent caregivers for my husband 6 days per week. Caregivers took him on short walks and outings to provide variety in his day. They were kind and caring. Ashley was responsive when changes had to be made. They are the best!
A friend recommended that I reach out to Windward to assist with moving aging father from Florida out to San Diego. I’m on active duty in the U.S. Navy…
Tim N.
Windward is a great organization! The staff is friendly, personable, educated, and willing to accommodate to any circumstance. Shout out to Penny for always making herself available to help! Thank you for helping us in this journey of life!
Natori M.
My mother has been very happy with the care provided by her in-home aide from Windward, and my mother’s husband has found the guidance from a Windward Care…
Nicolette S.
It absolutely IS possible and DOES exist to have a company that supports and navigates the care with excellence for our family members choosing home healthcare. I have always strived to follow the motto that if I put the extra time and effort in the beginning, the process will have a great chance to gather momentum and succeed. Businesses often allow for lengthy intakes and all that shared information and confidence that finally a life raft has been tossed and the rescue ship is in sight with cheering crew ready for all one’s necessary needs! Alas, the unraveling of the system fails with poor communication, a myriad of system issues and all the time- investment in the beginning gets lost; once feet are standing on the rescue ship, finding appropriate help becomes an ongoing circle of frustrations as various crew or information is as cyclical as the deck. Windward Life Care and Home Health understand that from the very first step that QUALITY isn’t an impossibility, but it requires a team that listen and are empowered to effectively and expertly sail the unchartered waters of each families health journeys. I am writing this all in current time, with the necessity to adapt to a new day’s possibilities and challenges. What I have learned is that the confidence of having an exceptional and compassionate team Is such a gift and families need to know it does exist, it is available and although it feels like a bit of a miracle, it indeed is a very reliable, affordable and trustworthy organization to place our treasured family member’s care in their hands.
JoAnn W.
Thank you to Windward and Shelby for your amazing help during so many difficult days.You have eased my mind in caring for my sister.Even during Covid in San Diego County, I know they are taking extra precautions.I would highly recommend this company with a great deal of Confidence.
Jo Ann W.
I’m so appreciative and can’t say how much it means knowing your loved one is getting the best care and professional attention during this stressful time. I’m too far away and just feel good knowing they are going to be available. Even during Covid, their protocol has made a big difference in safety.
I have worked with, and benefitted from, Windward Care and their excellent team for eight years: first through my father’s Alzheimer’s journey, and now as my mother goes through her dementia journey. Janai and the Windward Care team are phenomenal resources, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have been uniformly impressed with my interactions with Windward Care and have used many of their services. Janai, in particular, is invaluable and has become a trusted advisor and friend.A final observation: I have experience with just two people (my parents) on the range of issues that come with Alzheimer’s. Janai (and the team) have assisted many people. So, while I might have an idea about how to deal with a particular issue, Janai gives me (and her other clients) counsel that comes from her much broader range of experiences (while always respecting client confidentiality).
Jeri P
My family and I were very happy with the care and attention Janai and Windward staff gave us for my brother. Janai was available l, attentive, informative, and patient, She was the support we needed to navigate through so many areas regarding health care we were not knowledgeable about. I recommend Windward Lifecare and use them again if needed.
M B.
My brother suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2006 and has been the beneficiary of Windward Life care since moving to the San Diego area in 2014. Finding…
Gabriele L.
Today, I would like to give a different view of the Windward Life Care Company.As presently a Home Health Caregiver employed at Windward Life Care, I have…
Donna C.
A Wonderful Group of Caring People. I would recommend to everyone I know.
Heather H.
I contacted Windward Life Care when I needed help with my 75 year old aunt who had various health issues. Windward helped counsel us on our best care options in San Diego. They were very professional, caring, and helpful. They went above and beyond helping us understand and navigate our way through the whole process. My aunt has improved her health and is now maintaining her independence. Windward Life Care helped us take the best route to get her there.
Julie E. M.
My sisters and I received valuable help from Windward when we were the caregivers to our mother. I appreciate their professional work ethic and commitment to the client.
Harley P.
I can EASILY give this agency a 5 star review. I have worked for them for just over a year, and hands down they are the best agency I have come across. Not…