Mom’s Memoir: Preserving Family Memories for Future Generations

Looking for a meaningful present this Mother’s Day? Writing your story, or helping an older relative to create a memoir, is a gift that many generations can share.

Life experiences shape an individual, and can influence the choices made by future generations in a family. The things that your parents and grandparents learned can be passed along to your children, creating depth in the relationships to maintain family culture.

It is essential to preserve these memories while your family member is still capable of re-telling the stories. Many families want to record these memories, including the stories of their mothers and grandmothers. You can write down your stories, and work with family members to write down their memories as well.

Getting Started with Your Memoir

You might find that the easiest place to start is by writing a memoir about one story from your life, instead of recording the entire story of your life. You can continue writing memoirs to share different experiences, making it a less intimidating project compared to a full autobiography.

If you are having a hard time pinpointing one story to tell, then you might try diagramming your life to find the perspective that you need. Look for patterns or pivotal events that could provide insights and lessons for your posterity.

Tools to Write Your Memoir

Some people are overwhelmed at the idea of writing a memoir. Where do you start? We are lucky to live in a time that offers many digital tools! If you like the idea of having some prompts, then you might consider an oral history app, such as StoryCorps. This phone app has several questions you can choose from to get started, and can be used on the go, allowing you to capture family memories around the dinner table or while visiting with an elderly family member.

The audio can be saved, preserving the voice of the speaker. Additionally, the information can be transcribed into written form to be printed or published. It is a good idea to keep a digital copy of the files, along with a backup in case something happens to the original. Here at Windward Life Care, we want to maximize your life experience and help you find the resources that are needed to maintain good health and strong family relationships. Contact us to learn more about the services that are available for your family.