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As the weather warms up, dehydration is an increased risk for older adults, so it is essential for water intake…
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Elder Care Guides is now Windward Life Care! The owners and team at Windward Life Care announced their company’s new…
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Maximizing the Quality of Life for Families with Special Needs As the name of our company suggests, most of Elder Care…
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Elder Care Guides Family – Now Windward Life Care! On June 24, 2014, San Diego lost one of its visionary elder…
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Grief, Loss, and Transition

October 2, 2014

Hope and Transformation In my many years as a clinical social worker I am often asked, “How can you work…
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Suicide: Older Adults at Risk

September 12, 2014

National Suicide Prevention Week This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, an opportunity to discuss a subject that is too…
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