Collaborative Care by Guest Blogger Chris Corpuz

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Today’s healthcare system is gradually moving away from the “standard care” delivery model in which healthcare professionals often operate independently of other health professionals when caring for patients. The result has been a shift toward a more team-based collaborative approach. As this new model evolves, health professionals establish new lines of collaboration, communication, and cooperation in efforts to better meet patient needs. Different care professionals will assume primary responsibility for specific elements of a patient’s care, while the team as a whole must ensure that all elements of care are coordinated for the patient’s benefit.

Because of our ongoing collaboration with other clients, Windward Life Care introduced us to Sheryl in April 2013. At the time, Sheryl was slightly overweight and her blood work showed elevated levels of blood-glucose and above normal cholesterol numbers. Weight gain had also impacted her ability to perform daily tasks; climbing stairs hurt her knees, and she dealt with back issues off and on. Recognizing the importance of incorporating physical activity into Sherry’s care plan, Windward Life Care contacted us at Reneu Health for our expertise and to help in implementing a progressive exercise program. As a team, we took Sheryl’s plan a step further and brought a Registered Dietitian on board to help ensure that Sheryl followed dietary guidelines which would be conducive to losing weight and improving her blood work.

Now, roughly 4 years later, Sheryl has lost just short of 30lbs and rarely experiences the knee and back issues she once did. Furthermore, she has seen improvement in both her blood-glucose and cholesterol numbers. If you were to ask Sheryl, she would probably tell you that she’s most happy to be playing so much tennis, a game she’s had a love for since childhood. As a health and fitness professional, I’m beyond proud of Sheryl and her husband for their commitment to this cause. It’s also been a pleasure working with health professionals of other disciplines as a means of providing Sheryl the most well-rounded and effective care possible.

-Chris Corpuz, CSCS

Reneu Health, Inc. provides at home, one-on-one activity based programs for seniors and special populations. We specialize in both preventive and rehabilitative care. Each program is specifically designed to meet your needs, and is appropriate for all levels of ability. We also work with companies like Windward Life Care to provide individual and group safety training in the comfort of your home or



Finding Purpose Later in Life through Volunteer Work

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Maintaining a strong sense of community is important at all stages of life, especially during retirement. But, many people find that they feel disconnected when they have an empty nest at home, and they are no longer interacting with peers in the workplace. If you are retired and looking for ways to connect with your community, then you might consider the benefits of volunteer work.

Community Volunteering Helps with Cognitive Engagement

Cognitive engagement during retirement is essential to support your mental and physical health. It has been found that volunteerism contributes to a sense of purpose, which is critical for people during this transitional time in life. Keep your mind healthy and active, and you will be able to get more satisfaction from the activities that you enjoy.

Often, people find fulfillment in their families and career activities. When they approach retirement age, they don’t know what to do when they no longer have these activities to fill their time. So, this is the perfect time of life to step into community volunteering opportunities.

Physical Health Improves through Volunteering

A recent study found that people who participate in volunteering experience better health. These activities contribute to a greater sense of purpose, which in turn improves decisions regarding the use of preventive health care. Not only are you helping other people, but you will also be helping yourself at the same time!

People who volunteer have lower mortality rates, a reduced risk of depression, and improved functional ability later in life. Every year researchers are identifying more reasons why retirees should be actively engaged in volunteering.

Volunteering Opportunities in San Diego

If you live in San Diego, then there are many opportunities in the local area if you are interested in volunteer work.  Take a look at this resource through the County of San Diego with details about volunteer programs available for retirees.

Another option is to talk to our team here at Windward Life Care. Our goal is to support your physical and mental health in the ways that best meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about the services that are available.


Lifelong Learning: Keep Your Mind Sharp with Continuing Education

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Just because you are done with formal education, and you are finishing the final years of your career, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be challenging your mind. Ongoing learning and education is a valuable way to keep your brain healthy and sharp.

Satisfaction of Continuing Education

Many people find it satisfying to further their education in retirement. This time provides an opportunity for you to learn about anything that you desire. Instead of being constrained by career or degree requirements, you can pick the topics that are interesting to you.

Retirement is a great time for you to explore the topics that you have always wanted to learn, bringing deeper satisfaction and curiosity into your life. Researchers have found that lifelong learning is beneficial for your health, finances, and social life. Some doctors have said that ongoing education is one of the best things you can do to support your mental health as you age.

Investing Time in Your Health

Now that you have time available during retirement, you need to choose the activities that will support your physical and mental health. Continuing education will keep your mind sharp and active, giving you the stimulation that previously came from your job or household responsibilities. Keeping your mind engaged will help you strengthen communication skills and give you interesting information to talk about at social events.

You can fill the hours of your day with activities that will keep your mind clear and focused. At the same time, you can learn about nutrition and fitness if you want to improve your physical health as well.

Choosing the Right Education Course

We live in a time where information is accessible at your fingertips. A quick search online will uncover many articles, books, and videos that cover every topic you can imagine. Some retirees choose self-education by looking for information at the local library or searching online.

Other people prefer to pursue the route of formal education. Here in San Diego, there are many opportunities to participate in continuing education courses through local universities and programs. There are a few options that you might consider:

Do you need help choosing a continuing education program to match your needs? Talk to us at Windward Life Care to learn about the services that are available for you. We are here to offer the support that you need!


Making Your Move a Smooth One

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Have you reached a point in your life where you are ready to “right-size” to a smaller home, or move into an independent or assisted living community?  While you may be excited about simplifying your life and getting rid of excess “stuff,” there is no doubt that a move later in life can have its complexities.  If you are preparing to move, then we recommend you have an experienced team in place to assist with these changes.

Getting Past the Overwhelm of Decluttering

One of the biggest hurdles with downsizing is deciding what to take with you. It can feel overwhelming to sort through a lifetime of items in your home. Family pictures, birthday presents, holiday décor and childhood toys can often fill the storage spaces. How do you sort through these items in a way that allows you to fit into your new home comfortably, but preserves your family memories?

Senior Move Managers are professionals who specialize in helping older adults with the task of downsizing and moving to a new residence. They know the nuances of moving later in life, and they can offer specialized services to optimize your experience. For example, they can obtain the floor plans of your new residence, help you measure your existing furniture, then determine which pieces to bring with you. Senior Move Managers can also coordinate packing, moving, and set up your belongings in your new home. For those things you decide not to bring along, a Senior Move Manager can help coordinate an estate sale or the donation of less valuable items. Look at the National Association of Senior Move Managers for more information.

Senior Real Estate Specialists

For many older adults, their home is their most valuable asset. How do you make sure you are getting the most value when you are selling your home and choosing your next residence? Senior Real Estate Specialists® are Realtors® with specialized expertise in helping adults 50+ with relocation, financing and selling their home.  With their involvement, you can have the confidence that your transaction will be handled with patience and professionalism, and that they will link you with other professional resources appropriate for your needs. Are you contemplating a move or other life change? Then you need to talk to our team at Windward Life Care. We offer a variety of services to support lifestyle and health as people age.


Mom’s Memoir: Preserving Family Memories for Future Generations

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Looking for a meaningful present this Mother’s Day? Writing your story, or helping an older relative to create a memoir, is a gift that many generations can share.

Life experiences shape an individual, and can influence the choices made by future generations in a family. The things that your parents and grandparents learned can be passed along to your children, creating depth in the relationships to maintain family culture.

It is essential to preserve these memories while your family member is still capable of re-telling the stories. Many families want to record these memories, including the stories of their mothers and grandmothers. You can write down your stories, and work with family members to write down their memories as well.

Getting Started with Your Memoir

You might find that the easiest place to start is by writing a memoir about one story from your life, instead of recording the entire story of your life. You can continue writing memoirs to share different experiences, making it a less intimidating project compared to a full autobiography.

If you are having a hard time pinpointing one story to tell, then you might try diagramming your life to find the perspective that you need. Look for patterns or pivotal events that could provide insights and lessons for your posterity.

Tools to Write Your Memoir

Some people are overwhelmed at the idea of writing a memoir. Where do you start? We are lucky to live in a time that offers many digital tools! If you like the idea of having some prompts, then you might consider an oral history app, such as StoryCorps. This phone app has several questions you can choose from to get started, and can be used on the go, allowing you to capture family memories around the dinner table or while visiting with an elderly family member.

The audio can be saved, preserving the voice of the speaker. Additionally, the information can be transcribed into written form to be printed or published. It is a good idea to keep a digital copy of the files, along with a backup in case something happens to the original. Here at Windward Life Care, we want to maximize your life experience and help you find the resources that are needed to maintain good health and strong family relationships. Contact us to learn more about the services that are available for your family.

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