Is It Safe to Restart In-Home Care?

Two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into a pandemic that seems to have no end in sight. People of all ages have been affected by the current health crisis. This situation is taking a particularly heavy toll on the aging population. Whether you have a family member who depends on in-home care or you need to consider services in the future, it can be a challenge to know the best way to minimize the risk of inviting professional caregivers into your home.


Long-Term Care vs. In-Home Care

Older adults and their families are struggling with decision-making right now regarding long-term care. Some families are hesitant to have their loved ones move into a long-term care facility because of the potential exposure to other residents and staff in close proximity who may develop COVID-19. Additionally, residents in residential care communities may feel more and more isolated since visitors may be restricted from visiting. Many families also made the tough decision to pause in-home care until the danger of this virus subsides. This has taken a toll on a number of family caregivers as well as on the seniors they are caring for.

If you took on the task of full-time caregiving for a loved one, you are probably wondering if it’s safe to invite in-home caregivers to come back. While there are positive aspects to caring for a loved one, being a sole caregiver can be stressful and exhausting. You must take care of your own health so you are available to support your family’s needs.

Choose an Agency with a Quality COVID-19 Plan

If you are ready to consider bringing back or starting in-home care, then be sure to choose a licensed  agency that is proactive with precautions against the spread of infection. Safety practices should include:

  • The use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Fresh PPE for every household an aide enters
  • Daily health assessments and temperature checks
  • Ongoing training and communication with staff as the pandemic evolves

When considering available in-home care services, talk to the potential service providers about your questions and concerns. For example, you might discuss telemedicine support, essential care, and whether the agency cares for any clients who have tested positive for COVID-19.

With the right precautions, there are safe ways to access the in-home care that is needed for your loved one. When you are looking for expert in-home care services, then reach out to our team at Windward Life Care. We can talk to you about your specific situation and create a plan that works for you.