In-Home Care in San Diego: Tips for Selecting a Good Agency

Choosing the right agency for in-home care in San Diego can be challenging. Although there are many good agencies out there, not all of them can provide exactly the type of support you need. So how can you know which agency will provide the care you’re looking for? Here are a few tips for finding the right one.

Do Your Research

Start by asking your friends, coworkers, and trusted professionals like your physician, attorney, or CPA, for recommendations based on your needs. These personal contacts can often provide helpful references that you may not have otherwise found. You can also do research online for local in-home care in San Diego.

Confirm Agency Licensure and Reputation

Home care companies in California must be licensed by the state Home Care Services Bureau. Ask agencies if they are licensed and confirm this on the state website. Licensed agencies are required to do   background checks for all of their caregivers and will ensure their Home Care Aides are active on the state registry for caregivers. Ensure the agency you choose is the direct employer of the caregiver and that this is not your responsibility. Not just anyone should be allowed to care for your loved one.

Establish a Budget for In-Home Care in San Diego

Agencies for in-home care in San Diego will provide you a breakdown of pricing for services and a contract specifically stating the rate you will be charged. Pricing is typically by the hour or shift, and can be affected by the complexity of the care provided. Evaluate your price point for care and establish a budget based on what you need and can afford.

Oversee the Caregivers

When it comes right down to it, agencies are only as good as the actual caregivers that tend to your loved one’s needs. The best agencies provide quality training, as well as regular oversight and evaluations for their staff so the caregivers can be successful. It is also important, if you are local, to visit your loved one while the caregiver is there so you can observe their interaction and ensure accountability. If you don’t live nearby, you can call upon a friend, neighbor or a professional like an Aging Life Care Manager® to make scheduled visits as well as unannounced visits.

Discuss a Care Plan

You should collaborate with the home care company to establish a plan of care that you agree upon. The agency and caregiver will have expert insights and will understand best practices for a variety of care situations. The care plan can help establish the right amount and type of support and will ensure everyone is working toward the same goals.

At Windward Life Care, we understand the challenge of finding quality in-home care in San Diego for a loved one. That’s where we can help. Call us today for support and additional information about these services.