How a Care Manager Works With Your Existing Caregivers

Let’s say you or your loved one are receiving help at home from a trusted caregiver. You’ve also come to realize that you could benefit from the help of an Aging Life Care Manager™, someone who will coordinate the care and provide numerous other services as well. This often happens when the person receiving care at home is living far away from loved ones, and the family needs someone to oversee everything.

When you hire a Windward Life Care care manager, you can continue working with trusted caregivers or aides you or your family have become comfortable with. We don’t require a switch to our own in-home care team (although we think they’re the best in the business!). We recognize how important trusted caregivers are to providing continuity of care, and we want to support that relationship. 

How a care manager helps

Windward does not provide employer supervision of the private caregivers, such as payroll taxes, wage and hour compliance, insurance, or management supervision. Our services do include:

Senior woman open door to healthcare worker arriving at home
  • Care supervision and procedures to ensure:
    • Personal care needs including bathing and dressing are being met
    • Medication reminders are being followed
    • Nutritious meals are being prepared according to dietary requirements
    • The client and caregiver are engaging in meaningful activities
    • Coordination of minor home repairs, care equipment, and supplies
    • Controls over expenses 
  • Back-up caregivers in case the trusted caregiver needs to take time off. We can plan and establish weekly work schedules.
  • Real-time updates and communication with family members about the client.
  • Emergency preparedness planning.
  • Direct interface with the healthcare team to monitor medical care.
  • Ensuring that client safety is always maintained.

What’s more, our care managers are available 24/7, giving clients and families an extra level of assurance that someone who knows the client and their needs is always a call away.

What to look for in a caregiver

For families who hire caregivers from other agencies or services, we like to know they’re working with people who can provide the best care for the client. We agree with the author of a healthcare tech blog post who said the best traits of caregivers include:

Patience, compassion, attentiveness, dependability, trustworthiness, clinical knowledge and technical competency.

You’ll benefit from those qualities, and more, when you work with Windward. Let us know how we can contribute to your care team.