Hilde Lehmann Social Work Internship


Hilde Lehman Scholarship - Windward Life Care

Windward Life Care is proud to offer an internship for a master’s level social work graduate student each academic year. This internship is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague, Hilde Lehmann, who was a pioneer in the fields of social work and geriatric care management in San Diego until her death in 2014.

In a career spanning four decades, Hilde interfaced with hundreds of social workers in our area through her operation of a social work placement agency and a geriatric care management practice. Hilde was also an active participant in the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (now the Aging Life Care Association) and the California chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. A skilled clinician and gifted supervisor, Hilde launched the careers of a generation of social workers.

 Windward Life Care’s Hilde Lehmann Social Work Internship is an opportunity for social work students to learn from our interdisciplinary clinical team about the physical and mental health needs of older adults and their family caregivers, as well as the community resources and benefits available to them.

 Given the anticipated shortage of social workers and other health care professionals trained to assist the aging U.S. population, our hope is to inspire students to consider a career working with older adults, and to provide them with the knowledge and tools to create positive change in the arena of aging.

To discuss the Hilde Lehmann Social Work Internship, contact the Director of Clinical Services, Betsy Evatt LCSW, CMC at bevatt@WindwardLifeCare.com.