From Hospital to Home: A Client’s Point of View

The Windward Life Care team recently received a note from a client that made everyone’s day. We’re grateful that she also invited us to share her feedback with a broader audience, in hopes that other people who find themselves in the hospital might take advantage of Windward’s service. We’ve made minor edits for clarity and to protect the client’s privacy.

From client “Stephanie” (pictured at right with her husband and their cats):

“I absolutely feel compelled to give you a personal report on the professionalism and the expert conduct of your staff.

“After a prolonged hospitalization, including ICU time, I returned home unable to stand or walk without assistance. We turned immediately to Windward Life Care for assistance in getting the care that I needed. We feel very grateful that they nearly instantly were able to line us up for home care. Throughout my seven weeks or so of care under Windward Life Care, I was consistently impressed with not only the home health aide’s care (Joy), but also her manager (Jill Bansberg, MSW, CMC, CDP) and the office staff.

“Our first interaction with Windward Life Care was with Jill. We had an in-person (safely outside) meeting at the beginning which was a great way to initiate the care. And subsequently, both my husband and I found her extremely accessible and flexible. My needs kept changing throughout the several weeks, and Jill was able to accommodate our changing schedules. She continually checked on the PPE to ensure an adequate supply.

“Joy [pictured at left] was my primary home care aide. What struck me most about Joy (and Cristal, too) was: efficiency; kindness; a positive ‘you can do it attitude’; and the comfort I felt having her in the home.

“Joy’s positive, encouraging attitude was the most impactful for me. Joy made it a point to observe the OT and PT sessions, so she was aware of what I was supposed to be doing on my own. As per human nature, it is so easy to decide to forego exercises for the day – but not possible with Joy – and because of her interest in my recovery and encouragement, I made record progress as per my OT and PT therapists.

“Regarding efficiency, we would plan the day together. Joy was always happy to help – light housework that needed to be done – and did it efficiently while also ensuring I was getting what I needed. My husband commented on how much Joy contributed to our household. He also felt that I was in good, skilled hands.

“Joy’s caring attitude towards me and relaxed manner made for a very comfortable day. I can’t imagine that all agencies that provide this type of care do leave the clients a sense of ease with a ‘stranger’ in their home all day. I am sure that it is the training and the ethics of the organization that make this the case.

“As a physician, I feel that I can be quite critical of the manner in which I am cared for. Initially,

I needed full support for all movement and activities. I felt extremely safe in Joy’s hands!

“Thanks so much, Windward Life Care! I wanted to relay this experience which speaks to the high quality of care your organization is providing.”

This client’s experience sums up exactly why we love our profession. We consider it a privilege to come into our clients’ homes and provide the care and support they need, whether it’s after a hospital stay or for longer-term help. We are grateful to be a part of each client’s “aging well” journey.