How Do I Choose the Best Nursing Home in San Diego for My Aging Parent?

Are you nervous about the idea of choosing a nursing home, or “skilled nursing facility,” for your aging parents? Full time nursing home care may be needed for your loved one because families aren’t always equipped to offer this degree of medical care and support at home. If a family member needs 24/7 support and has care needs that exceed what can safely (or affordably) be provided at home or in an assisted living setting, then you might find yourself searching for the best nursing home in San Diego.

Tips for Finding the Best Nursing Home in San Diego

Here are a few important things to consider when making your decision:

  • Don’t Rush: Dedicate the time needed to evaluate your options and find a nursing home that is a good fit for the needs of your family member. Not only should you evaluate immediate needs, but it is also important to consider long-term care. If you have the option, prepare in advance, so you are ready with the right nursing home when the individual requires immediate placement due to a sudden change in physical or mental health, or in a hospital discharge situation.
  • Ask Around: Talk to friends, neighbors, and family members to learn more about the best nursing homes near your location. Additionally, social workers, Aging Life Care Managers, religious organizations, and other support groups can be helpful with suggestions. It is also important to review data about the nursing home’s track record in meeting state and federal requirements, as well as data related to resident complaints.
  • Call and Tour: The first step to evaluating whether you have found the best nursing home in San Diego is to call the location and schedule a time for a tour. This conversation will allow you to learn about the facilities, services, and more. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the facility, interactions between residents and staff, and activities that are happening during the day. It is smart to stop by unannounced for a second visit, during a different time of day. If possible, talk to current residents or their family members for an “insiders” view of how things work there.
  • Evaluate Pricing: Cost is an essential factor that should be considered when choosing a nursing home. Look at options to see if insurance or a long-term care policy will cover the costs of the care center. Pay close attention to the contract, so you understand the terms and conditions of services.

At Windward Life Care, we understand the heavy responsibility you are carrying when looking for the best nursing home in San Diego. If you need supporting finding the right solution for a family member, contact our Aging Life Care Professionals for assistance.