Assisted Living Facilities in San Diego: How to Find the Right One

Moving yourself or an aging parent to an assisted living facility is a decision filled with uncertainty.  After the decision is made, many people experience feelings of worry, fear, and even guilt. Perhaps you or your loved one don’t want to move away from the place they currently live. Maybe you promised a loved one years ago that you would never “put them in a home.,” but circumstances have changed since then.

But rest assured, many assisted living facilities in San Diego are well-equipped to improve the quality of your aging loved one’s life. This is especially true if their needs are not being met in their current living arrangements, or if your loved one has become socially isolated and less active

What to Look for in Assisted Living Facilities in San Diego

As you search for a suitable facility, here are some useful tips and things to look for in a potential assisted living community:

1. Review Public Records: Check your state’s website for survey and complaint reports for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs). You can read in detail about how each facility is measuring up to the standards established by the state.

2. Visit the Facility:  Once you’ve found a few facilities that you’re interested to see, schedule an appointment to visit them. The administration will give you a tour and answer your questions. Ask about caregiver staff-to-resident ratios, and what type of medical care is available on-site. Use a checklist to make sure you are noting the features most important to you.

3. Observe a Mealtime Hour: Take notice of how many staff are in the dining area. Are they meeting the resident’s needs and meal requests? How is the quality of the food? Is the atmosphere inviting, friendly, and comfortable? Talk to current residents about their experiences at the community if possible.

4.  Ask About Social Activities: Enrichment programs are a key component of quality assisted living facilities in San Diego. Different facilities will offer different programs, so try to find a community with activities that you or your loved one will enjoy. Everything from gardening, to fitness classes, to lecture presentations may be available. Even a regular happy hour can be an important social activity offered. 

Help Is Just a Call Away

If you’re searching for potential assisted living facilities in San Diego that will meet you or your loved one’s needs, we can help. Windward Life Care provides information and support for long-term care and housing. Call us for a friendly conversation today.