Activities for Seniors During COVID-19

People are spending more time at home to minimize exposure to COVID-19, but staying home doesn’t have to mean  living in isolation and boredom. A sense of belonging and connection is essential for people of all ages, including older adults. Right now is a great time to share these activities for seniors with your family, friends and neighbors.

One of the best ways to support senior family members is by helping them with safe, enjoyable activities. Look for ways to support cognitive stimulation, social engagement, and physical activity.

Activities for Seniors at Home

Here are a few options to consider if you are looking for ways to engage during COVID-19:

  • Live Well San Diego: The County of San Diego offers a variety of local and online resources to maintain physical and mental health while staying home. Options include signing up for friendly phone conversations and emotional support calls, virtual communities, educational classes, and digital social events.
  • Cognitive Stimulation for People with Dementia: Family caregivers of individuals living with dementia are looking for ways to keep their loved ones engaged. This list includes both virtual and in-person activities that can be done from the safety of home. Purposeful activities can stimulate the five senses, bring laughter into the home, and prevent agitation.
  • Genealogy Activities at Home: Ever wanted to know more about your family history? Access to genealogy information is at your fingertips online. Help loved ones feel connected to their roots by building a family tree and researching previous generations. A variety of family history activities are available, include exploring the areas of the world where ancestors came from, heritage photo comparisons, and recording your own stories to document for future generations.
  • Creative Activities: Spark creativity with craft supplies, such as paint or woodworking materials. Another option is to bring joy into the home through music. If the senior doesn’t have musical training, this could be a good time to learn! There are many online lesson options for popular instruments.

Give your loved ones something to look forward to in the coming days and weeks. For example, you might mark the calendar with planned activities for seniors to create a social schedule for the month.

At Windward Life Care, we are here to support caregivers and seniors during this challenging time. If you need healthcare or personal care resources, please reach out to us to learn about available services.