5 Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Should you get a pet for your aging parents? People of all ages need connection and companionship. But the COVID-19 pandemic is making it harder for families to spend time together in-person. One option is to introduce a new pet, helping to bring life and love into the senior’s home.

Here are five benefits seniors can enjoy from having a pet at home:

  1. Heart Health: The Mayo Clinic recently reported that dogs aren’t only a man’s best friend – they are a heart’s best friend. Dog owners are more likely to participate in heart-healthy habits, such as eating well, having balanced blood sugar, and exercising. Researchers found that petting or touching a dog can help to lower blood pressure.
  2. Love and Enjoyment: Many people report that having a pet in the home helps them enjoy life and feel loved. When choosing the right personality fit, consider the age of the animal. Ideally, the relaxed temperament of an older animal is ideal for senior lifestyles and energy levels.
  3. Depression and Loneliness: 40% of seniors experience loneliness regularly, and options are limited for personal connection with other humans due to the risk of the coronavirus. A pet can provide companionship and love for single seniors by helping them cope with emotional symptoms.
  4. Sense of Purpose: Whether the pet is four-legged, furry, finned, or feathered, another living creature in the home can bring a sense of purpose to the day. The animal depends on their owner for food and daily care, helping to add routine into a quiet retirement lifestyle.
  5. Lifestyle Independence: Some pets are trained to assist seniors with daily tasks, helping the person maintain more independence at home. For example, pets can alert a senior with hearing loss when the doorbell rings or an alarm is sounding.

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